Financial Support

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Help with your finances after injury or illness

Coping with a life-changing injury or serious illness can be challenging, even without the financial worries that can come with it.

All Onward’s hospital partners have access to an emergency fund which can provide immediate financial support to patients and their families.

The emergency fund can be used to cover costs both while the patient is in hospital or after discharge, including:

  • Travel expenses and hospital parking fees incurred by family and friends
  • Emergency accommodation for family and friends
  • Equipment not provided by the NHS or statutory services
  • Other expenses such as clothing, food, childcare fees.

If you are struggling to pay for these expenses, you can apply to the emergency fund for assistance. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

The Pro Bono team at Stewarts can also help you organise your debts and liaise with creditors on your behalf.